EBB is finally back with a follow-up album to his much-loved and award-winning album Loona. The new album Falling consists of songs written and recorded over the last few years. The final mix was done at EBB’s home in Stockholm, Sweden. As most of his songs, the sketches were done using an acoustic guitar and his voice. Later on EBB mixed in some electronic elements, transforming the songs into his unmistakable world of sounds, placing them in the electronic form factor that has become his trademark. EBB explains: ”At first I wasn’t sure how I wanted this album to sound like, but when I combined the electronic elements with the acoustic ones, the production fell into place and the songs felt complete”.

With the combination of distinct beats, beautiful harmonies and flowing vocals, EBB has managed to deliver an album that feels more direct than its predecessor. ”On this album I wanted the songs to be in focus”, EBB says. EBB’s signature clicks and scratches are popping in the background, but due to a simplified production with a clearer sound stage, the songs are kept in focus.

The new album once again shows why EBB is regarded as an electronic Jose Gonzalez. Combining an emotive, textual backdrop with repetitive rhythms and haunting melodies, transforming his timeless music into something alluringly modern. The result is an intimate electro-pop album that is both delicate, moving and obvious at the same time.

As a songwriter, producer and musician, EBB´s work has led to collaborations with and remixes for many different artists as well as writing and performing music for dance performances. His own music has been remixed by the likes of Jori Hulkkonen and Andreas Tilliander, whose versions were to score high positions in playlists of clubs and radio in the UK.

EBB has been playing live in Sweden and the UK, including performances at BBC Radio 2 and Radio 4 and his UK adventure even resulted in a musical feature in the BBC show “Long Way Down”, starring Ewan McGregor.