Ebb is a songwriter and musician who, now living in Stockholm for the last decade, grew up in the deepest depths of Northern Sweden. His debut album ‘Loona’ oozes with a soundscape derived from the environment from which he has sprung.

“The north of Sweden is, during winter, very cold and snowy, and there are vast forests and wide horizons” explains Ebb quietly, pulling his trademark woolly hat down over his ears. “Having that kind of nature around me has influenced me, and my music, a great deal.”

Ebb realised he was drawn to music from an early age. His father played the guitar around the house and encouraged his young son to learn some basic chords. It didn’t take long before the young Ebb threw himself straight in - hours locked away in his bedroom teaching himself to play.

“When I learned my first chord I immediately started writing songs, even though they were pretty basic!” he laughs. “Except for the first four chords that my dad showed me, I’ve taught myself everything I know.”

‘Loona’ was written over 24 months. Two years of pure dedication. Ebb has produced ‘Loona’ entirely himself - writing, recording, playing, arranging and singing. It has been a journey of self-discovery.

“’Loona’ was written over a long time and it was about finding my own forest, my inner voice” he explains, letting loose a shy grin. “I want to reach the conscious, insightful listener who is tired of everything shallow and without substance.”

As well as completing this stunning debut for Gaymonkey Records, Ebb has also remixed label mate Sara Berg’s acclaimed single ‘Another Night’ (which won over the ears of fan Laurent Garnier) and has also remixed Melnyk’s ‘Sound Of Falling’ for the ‘Silence Remixed’ project.

And if he isn't talented enough, Ebb also builds furniture in his spare time.